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Approved Inspection Station

We are authorised by the Department of Transport to carry out vehicle examinations on motorcycles and scooters only.

Your motorcycle may need an examination for any of the following reasons:


Phone to book an appointment time....we can usually fit you in within 24 hours.

If your bike needs to be licensed, this will require a trip to the Department of Transport after the examination. They will request proof of ownership before issuing new plates, so bring the old licence papers or the purchase documents with you.

If your vehicle is currently unregistered, you will need to purchase a Temporary Movement Permit from the Department of Transport. You can and purchase one online at http://www.transport.wa.gov.au/licensing/get-a-temporary-movement-permit.asp

You will need to pay the examination fee to us when you drop in with your bike.

Please allow an hour for the examination.


There is an initial-examination fee, and if your motorcycle needs further work before meeting the required criteria, then a second fee is payable for re-examination.

If your bike is not licensed, you will require a Temporary Movement Permit. These fees are set by the Department of Transport, and the current fees can be viewed on their website, under the tab "Metroploitan Vehicle Inspection Fees".

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